A colorful gate in the Manche department by Socodime

Portail battant Satellite® par Socodime dans la Manche

Artisanship in the heart of the project

It was in La Haye, in the Manche department of France, that these homeowners decided to install a gate for their house located 10km from the sea. Detail-oriented and sensitive to human qualities, the customers chose above all the craftsman for their project. They wanted a local manufacturer they could trust to be there for them at all times. That is the reason why they chose Socodime, an Installux partner. This family-run aluminum carpentry has specialized in the manufacture of gates for over 40 years.

A project based on trust and originality, which ended with the installation of a unique, made-to-measure gate.





Portail battant Satellite® par Socodime dans la Manche

A made-to-measure original gate

A craftsman’s expertise enables a project to be tailored to the customer’s needs. To help the customer envision the project, the artisan designed the gate on site.

The result is a unique gate that perfectly matches the customer’s expectations and the specific features of the site. In fact, the craftsman installed a swing gate on a 12% slope. He chose an Installux Sattelite® motorized swing gate with an exposed motor. This avoids the need for extensive masonry work. For this project, the manufacturer worked in collaboration with a mason for the posts and an earthworker for the asphalt.

In terms of color, customers chose a flamboyant red and a deep gray: two premium colors guaranteed up to 25 years*. The anthracite grey is reminiscent of the house’s joinery. The red creates an original and unique gate. The front door already featured a hint of red, so the choice was obvious.

Furthermore, Socodime added a laser-cut aluminum sheet to dress up the gate and give it an even more unique style. To achieve this, the cut-out pattern was selected from photos of the project, and the customer was able to choose the color from samples presented by the craftsman. Particular care was also taken with the masonry posts.

*Subject to maintenance conditions


Portail battant Satellite® par Socodime dans la Manche

Aluminum: the king of color

There are multiples coloring technics for aluminum:

  • Anodizing, a process exclusive to aluminum
  • Powder coating, a process that paints the material “for life”
  • Sublimation, to obtain the texture…

All Installux processes are certified to the highest standards on the market. Certain finishes can be guaranteed for up to 25 years to maintain their color and limit gloss floss*, even by the sea. Our expertise enables us to offer over 400 shades and textures for a unique project.

*Subject to maintenance conditions


The craftsman’s advice

“Taste and color, it’s the customer who chooses! Very often, they already know what they want. But we try to guide them towards non-standard colors, and more towards matte and granite, which are less sensitive to scratches.

We systematically recommend class 2 colors, as they last longer and are more durable.”


Installux Partner Artisan Manufacturer

The project’s sheet

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Les photos du projet

Portail battant Satellite® par Socodime dans la Manche