Xpertise to accelerate your building projects

For aluminium joinery manufacturers looking to take their mastery of aluminium systems one step further, Installux offers personalised support and all the expertise of aluminium partner. In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to work together in creating the solutions they need.

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Our support in brief

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Installux offers its expertise to companies interested in developing aluminium manufacturing and enhancing their know-how through the creation of customised solutions.

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In partnership with our custom design office, we offer to co-design specific technical solutions for each project.

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Collaborating with our business teams, yours will develop unique solutions that will bring to life the ambitious projects imagined by outstanding architects.

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Our software solutions enable you to optimise your mastery of project design, particularly the challenges linked to the digitalisation of the occupation.

Solutions to co-develop with Installux

As a aluminium designer specialised in aluminium joinery, Installux is much more than a supplier. We are a right partner for aluminium joinery manufacturers, supporting them in the creation of customised solutions.

A technical mastery that goes through your workshop

Installux experts can help you to design and optimise your aluminium carpentry workshop. Through their experience and know-how, they will help you to improve your manufacturing processes and productivity.

Installux also has specific equipment available for hire. Typical tooling is open to manufacturers for optimal manufacturing tailored to the technical systems we supply.

Designing original technical solutions together

Installux partners benefit from personalised support, thanks to our customer research department. This enables our teams and yours to work hand in hand to develop specific and unique solutions, both on a technical and aesthetic level.

As a result, you will be able to respond to ever more ambitious and specific projects. Allowing you to give life to creations of the highest level. You will have the opportunity to sublimate our architects’ work who already trust you, as well as to seduce others with your tailor-made approach to aluminium solutions.


Improve project management thanks to software tools

For the conception, costing, production of digital models or 3D visualisation, digitalisation has become intrinsically linked to the occupation of aluminium carpentry manufacturer. Installux not only provides technical expertise, which is its core business but also supports you in the use of its occupation-specific software tools.

The construction market is more and more demanding, which means that understanding and mastering the most recent digital tools is a guarantee of development and durability. Installux’s support enables you to control your project from design to manufacture, ensuring an optimal level of specificity.

Why should you trust us?

At Installux, we have full control of our aluminium systems production chain, from conception to distribution. What could be better than a complete range of products to support you in the co-development of your technical solutions?