to Choose your Doors & Windows

Your doors and windows are much more than just openings. They are elements of your house or flat, just like your furniture or your kitchen equipment. They are either unobtrusively integrated or deliberately foregrounded, but anyway contribute to the general style of your home. Which is why you want them to combine beauty with energy-efficiency.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself while choosing them:

1. Town or country?

In both cases the window must let in the daylight and allow you to air the rooms. But apart from this the requirements vary from town to country.  If you live in the country you need a good protection against weather circumstances and an appropriate temperature inside. In town you will want protection of your privacy and efficient soundproofing. And depending on your region, you will need more or less reinforced weatherproofing and insulation to achieve the best comfort.

We offer you a large choice of products for every situation, including a range of high-performance doors and windows perfectly fit for low-energy houses, and conforming to - even exceeding - the European environmental regulations in force.

Ville / Campagne

2. Side-hung or sliding?

There are many types of opening frames: sliding for patio doors or large picture windows, tilt-and-turn for small rooms, bottom-hung for easy airing, awning window for the kitchen, pocket door or window for full-width opening, etc.

Nearly everything is feasible; we offer you the possibility to realize a completely tailor-made project adapted to your taste, to your lifestyle and to the size and usage of your rooms.

Frappe / Coulissant

3. Traditional or modern?

Today’s doors and windows are real ornamental elements and contribute to the atmosphere of a room if they are carefully chosen to fit in harmoniously.

Give free rein to your imagination! We have developed an extremely rich palette of shapes, finishings, and accessories, ranging from the most traditional to the most original and allowing for far-reaching customization.

Classique / Contemporain

Whatever your geographic situation, the style of your house or flat, or your personal taste, Installux Aluminium has the appropriate solution. Today’s aluminium doors and windows are noted for their quality, their technical performances and their easy maintenance. They are available in various styles and colours.