Galaxie® 32 TH Pocket
Sliding Frame

  • Galaxie® 32 TH Pocket

  • Galaxie® 32 TH Pocket with guiding channel for roller shutter

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Installux Aluminium pocket doors are a variant of Galaxie® 32TH range of sliding frames. These unobtrusive doors slide into the space between the wall and the lining, thus clearing the total width of the opening.

They guarantee excellent thermal insulation (glazing up to 32 mm, thermal shield) and meet the requirements of present-day architectural projects.

The aesthetic aspect of this system has been treated with the greatest care down to the last detail: original central and lateral stiles, discreet finishings, choice between three shapes of profiles (round, square, or chamfered). The ergonomic accessories are coherent with the overall look and contribute to the exclusive top-of-the range style.



Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Glazing up to 32 mm.


+ Roller shutter guiding chanels available.


+ Concealed drainage.
+ Grey or black gaskets.
+ Three inside aspects.


+ 3-point lock.


+ Complying with RT2012 and LEB regulations.