Comète® 70 TH Solobloc

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Comète® 70TH Solobloc is a high-performance front door. Its special infill panel is a patented system especially designed to avoid the bimetal effect.

The various models of traditional and modern panels allow for far-reaching customization.

The finish of this door has been treated with the greatest care down to the last detail: powdercoated hinges, finishing rods, and a pallet of 50 colours matching those of our high-performance windows.



Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Composite door leaf frame with the exceptional thermal performance of Ud ≤ 1.0W/K.m2.
+ Thermal-break threshold.


+ Wide choice of traditional and modern door leaves.
+ Powdercoated surface hinges.
+ Finishing rods for the panel (red, grey or charcoal grey).


+ Automatic 5-point locks available (rollers or rollers/hooks).


+ Low threshold complying with PMR standard.
+ Complying with RT2012 and LEB regulations.