Comète® 70 TH

  • Comète® 70 TH

  • Comète® 70 TH with combination of square and round glazing bead

  • Comète® 70 TH with chamfered glazing bead

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The Comète® 70TH doors accept infills up to 55 mm and guarantee excellent thermal insulation.

This totally customizable system is fit for new build and renovation and is a consistent complement to Installux Aluminium’s casement and sliding windows. The door leaf may be fitted out with glazing or a solid ornamental panel to match any in- and outside style.

The doors may also be complemented with overpanels and/or sidelights.

The inside of the door leaf may be fitted out with round, square or chamfered glazing beads, and with two types of handles matching those of the windows.



Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Double and triple glazing up to 55 mm.
+ Thermal-breah threshold.


+ Unobtrusive grey or black gaskets.
+ Unobtrusive hinges.
+ Finishing gasket for doorframe (grey, black or white).


+ 3-point lift handle lock or 5-point lock available.


+ Low threshold complying with PMR standard.
+ Complying with RT2012 and LEB regulations.