Galaxie® 26 TH
Sliding Frame

  • Galaxie® 26 TH

  • Galaxie® 26 TH with optional thermal shield

  • Galaxie® 26 TH with optional internal fly screen

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Installux Aluminium’s Galaxie® 26TH thermal-comfort sliding doors and windows are suitable for any type of housing. They are available in any dimension and are fit for new build and renovation. They are also very appreciated for conservatories. They are very practical, easy to install, unobtrusive and energy-efficient.

The bottom profile includes two or three roller tracks. The mobile sashes may be fitted out with panes up to 26 mm. The reinforced stiles are neatly finished with end caps.

These sliding doors and windows are available with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 sashes and a choice of 1 to 3-point locks.

All our systems have in common a choice of customizable accessories. A variety of colours and finishings enable them to fit harmoniously into your home.



Insulation & Weatherproofing

+ Glazing from 20 to 26 mm.


+ Optional fly screen.


+ Stylish round-shaped profiles.
+ Flat or moulded architraves.