Espace® 50 TH

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Installux Aluminium’s Espace® 50TH thermal-comfort windows are suitable for new construction and renovation works.

They are composed of 50-mm thermal-break fixed and opening frames. The opening frames may be of various types : side-hung, tilt-and-turn, etc. They accept 5 to 34-mm thick glass, which allows you to choose the level of thermal insulation appropriate to the usage of the room.

This very wide range offers you the possibility to fit out your home with various types of windows in the same harmonizing look.

All our systems have in common a choice of customizable accessories. A variety of colours and finishings enable them to fit harmoniously into your home.



Isolation et étanchéité

+ Glazing from 5 to 34 mm.


+ Flat or moulded architraves.
+ Square, round, or moulded glazing beads, which can be mixed.