Sturdy but Elegant Doors and Windows

Installux Aluminium’s 50 & 26TH series of thermal-comfort doors and windows are the proven solution for all projects. They are suited for new constructions and renovation works, and are an unobtrusive addition to the architectural style of your house. They fit into openings of any size and are available in a wide pallet of colours and with a great variety of accessories.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s 50 & 26TH Series of Thermal-Comfort Doors and Windows

+ Sober lines suited for traditional as well as modern architecture.
+ Excellent quality-price ratio.
+ Thermal performances: thermal-break fixed and opening frames.
+ All the advantages of aluminium: sturdiness, easy maintenance, elegance, and unlimited choice of colours.

Installux habitat ouvrants confort 50th