T-rafter conservatory

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This traditional Luciole® conservatory is composed of a T-rafter roof, whose framework is more visible from the outside than from the inside, and of a structure integrating the thermal-comfort doors and windows of the 50TH and 26TH series.

Its versatility authorizes many variants to meet the requirements of any project: multiple facets, slope up to 45°, and span up to 10 m.

The Luciole® T-rafter conservatory is the ideal system to imagine original shapes. The variety of accessories, common to all our systems, the choice of colours and finishings will give free rein to your creativity to compose a conservatory reflecting your own personality.




+ High-capacity gutter.
+ Continuous concealed drainage.
+ Traditional or modern raisers.
+ Easy cleaning.

Gutter for Roller Shutter

+ Integration of standard roller shutters (up to 2300 x 3000 mm).


+ Specific roof aspect.
+ Optional moulded inside cap.
+ Inside cap accepting lighting system.

Tradition Structure

+ Built-in rainwater pipe.