Climalux Conservatory to Enjoy all Year round

Technically and aesthetically speaking, the Climalux conservatory is a real breakthrough. First conservatory to be equipped with the high-performance doors and windows of the 70 & 32TH series, it fits perfectly into your environment to create sunny and all-year-round comfortable living spaces.
With its present-day look and unique thermal performances the Climalux conservatory is appropriate for low-energy constructions as well as renovation works.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s Climalux Conservatory

+ Excellent thermal performances allowing the conservatory to fit into an LEB project.
+ Coherent present-day look allowing the realization of highly decorative living spaces.
+ Great adaptability to any type of construction.
+ All the advantages of aluminium: rustproofness, sturdiness, easy maintenance, elegance, and unlimited choice of colours.

Veranda Climalux